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1:1 Tutition Session with Jill

My tutoring sessions are bespoke and centred around the needs of the learner – I do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. However, in general, my sessions will incorporate a variety of teaching and learning styles to keep the learner engaged and focussed. They will inevitably include something visual, some speaking, listening or audio, something kinaesthetic or practical – often moving from the concrete to the abstract concept. I like to provide fun, multi-sensory activities in a structured environment; these often include movement breaks, as required. I usually break learning objectives down into smaller ‘bite size’ pieces so that the learner can really master what they are trying to understand and sessions are also broken down so that the learner knows what we are trying to achieve and gain a sense of control on the session. What is covered in the session is entirely based on the learner’s needs, prior knowledge, experience and targets. Although English and Mathematics are often prioritised, I am also able to support children with skills to enhance their ability to access these subjects such as social and emotional support, emotional literacy, handwriting and general presentation, study skills, improved speed at completing tasks (time management), organising thoughts and converting them into written prose, quick recall of number facts and bonds, confidence and self-esteem. Parental feedback is key and I share any new strategies taught so that these can be used consistently at home, if beneficial.

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