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Handwriting Support

My Specialist Experience Teaching Handwriting

I have successfully run Handwriting after school clubs and Handwriting Interventions for children from Y1 - Y6. Some children find handwriting an arduous which involves much concentration and use of muscles. I find it important to break sessions down to keep them pacey and engaging.. Typically, I would start a session by assessing pencil grip and writing posture and teach the child how to self-check this themselves next time. I would ensure they are using a comfortable pencil grip and can help them use pencil grip supports, if required. I would then have a look at how they form letters and numbers before getting them to complete some work with play dough and hand squeezes to warm up their muscles. We would use pincher grip games and then focus on formation of letter shapes using writing support lines. There are lots of games and ways to support children with handwriting and this is something that I would ask the child to do between sessions.

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