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Home Schooling or Elective Home Education (EHE) in Lockdown and Out

If you home school part-time or home schooling due to a lockdown or any other reason, I can work with your child in a variety of ways to match your child’s needs and what you desire for them, as a parent/carer. I am able to use and enhance the resources provided by the school and teach them the strategies they need to not only complete the tasks set but to acquire the knowledge and skills to be able to use them in the future with independence. I can support your child and the family by working collaboratively to draw up a timetable, establish routines for learning, access remote learning and ensure that sessions are engaging, interactive and of the highest quality. Alternatively, if you are home schooling independently, I can support by teaching primary subjects or focus on the core subjects, such as Maths and English, depending on your tuition needs. To do this, I would be able to suggest possible resources, organise the National Curriculum to ensure sequential coverage and provide high quality teaching and learning techniques to deliver the curriculum to your child. You can rest assured that I have a wealth of experience in Primary Education and the best teaching and learning strategies to provide your child with an excellent education through interactive tuition sessions.

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