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A Girl in a Classroom
A Girl in a Classroom
Image by Annie Spratt
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My Specialist Experience Teaching Children English
including Reading, Writing, Spelling and Phonics

When training to become a teacher, I specialised in the teaching of English and Early Years Development. A lot of my research centred around the pedagogy of reading and writing; specifically Phonics. I spent some time working with Early Years and trained in teaching the Read, Write, Inc. Programme which includes learning ‘sight’ and ‘high frequency’ words. I have spent years successfully teaching Phonics in EYFS, Y1, Y2 and intervention phonics for KS2. I use a multi-sensory and fun approach to phonics with use of colour, interactive sessions, hands on learning, visual cues and pictorial support to help children learn and benefit from phonetical knowledge so that they can learn to read, spell and write with confidence which will, in turn, help them to access the rest of the curriculum and beyond.

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