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My Specialist Experience Teaching Children with Dyscalculia & Maths Difficulties

As Head of Maths for an Outstanding school in London, I have mastered a wealth of teaching and learning strategies for Mathematics. I am able to support children with Dyscalculia or characteristics of dyscalculia (undiagnosed) from EYFS – KS2. When supporting children with Dyscalculia, I focus on the child’s specific needs and areas of challenge and the strategies that will best support them. Often the strategies used will involve strengthening their basic understanding of number, number bonds, place value, sequencing and visual-spatial aspects (such as distinguishing between symbols/numbers etc). Improving long-term memory by focusing on understanding (not just knowledge) and short term memory by using VAK techniques and having a greater amount of time to practise and develop skills. I put emphasis on having firm foundations and building on prior knowledge. It is also essential to work on anxiety and confidence with maths and to help children build a Growth Mindset as research has shown that Maths is the subject most prone to the influence of the learner’s mindset. (Dweck, Boaler)

Image by Annie Spratt
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