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My Specialist Experience Teaching Children with ADHD/ADD/ focus and concentration challenges

When working with children with ADHD/ADD, I focus on their high levels of awareness and observation and their enthusiasm to contribute or their thoughtfulness that needs to be redirected onto the task at hand. All children with ADHD/ADD are individuals with different needs and challenges and my sessions are bespoke to meet their needs. In my experience, it is key to help these children to organise their thoughts and know what is expected of them by creating structure (which avoids distraction and confusion) and an environment which supports them best. Often, children with ADHD/ADD have high levels of creativity and benefit from concrete learning experiences where they have the opportunity to learn with independence. I have found that ensuring sessions are pacey, stimulating and varied can help the learner remain focussed and that breaking tasks down into ‘chunks’ and reinforcing instructions can support their ability to complete the given task in good time. It is essential to use positive reinforcement and build on the child’s successes to keep them motivated so that not only do they reach their academic potential but they will build self-esteem and confidence as able learners.

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