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Writing Resistance

My Specialist Experience Teaching Children with Writing Resistance

There are a variety of reasons why many children, of all ages, can resist writing at some point. Sometimes it’s because the content or objective doesn’t feel relevant to them and it can also be because they are highly active by nature and writing is a more sedentary activity. Often it is because they have a fear of failure, and when they compare their own writing efforts to others', they feel inadequate. First of all, I find that it is important to find a writing genre that the child does enjoy and work to build their confidence with that; for example, write instructions for a treasure hunt using "first", "next", "then" etc and full sentences, write instructions for their favourite game or describe a mystery object / place using adjectives and similes. It it important to make writing fun and enjoyable; incorporating some active learning such as Kung Fu punctuation and relevant Brain Breaks.

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