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My Specialist Experience Teaching Children with Language Delay

When working with children with Language Delay, I have found that it is important to communicate openly with the child's parents, Speech and Language Therapists and other children working with the child to get as much specialist information as possible to fully support the child in sessions. It is important to have clear, achievable goals and ensure that the approach is working at school, at home and in sessions. Each child is individual and has different strategies that will work for them, the strategies that I have found successful include: use of visual aids, a multi-sensory approach (sight, smell, touch, taste new words/concepts), positive reinforcement (this is a must!), fun, play-based activities or games for motivation, practical strategies to show the child what to do when they are unsure/confused (e.g. put up your hand and wait for the teacher etc), explaining new or unfamiliar vocabulary and books to explore language and develop vocabulary.

Kindergarten Student
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