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My approach is centred around the learner; it is my belief that all children are individuals with unique talents and interests that should be fostered. I take time to get to know the learner; understand their strengths and challenges, get to know the parent and school views so that we can prioritise targets and achieve them in a logical order that supports rapid progress and the learner's personal goals.

It is my belief that all children have the ability to learn; it is the environment and active process, facilitated by the tutor, that enables children to learn effectively. I believe in a holistic approach to education where children feel safe to make mistakes: recognise, understand and learn from them; secure in the concepts leading up to the learning objective by scaffolding and building upon foundations of the knowledge and experience they already have; confident to explore new territory by understanding that learning is lifelong (and fun!) and where they learn strategies to help them become more independent learners who can achieve their goals.

Learners need to be challenged and supported in exact measures in order to engage their interest, support their confidence and help them to reach their potential. I employ a range of multi-sensory techniques and strategies to promote the highest standards of learning and achievement in every session.

With my background and training in supporting children with mental health needs, particularly those suffering from bereavement, trauma, low self-confidence and self-esteem, I am extremely aware of the impact of developing a 'growth mindset' and providing a nurturing environment where children can thrive and where learning is made fun through engaging sessions.

It is my belief that all children are entitled to an education that not only meets their needs academically but that, by doing so, ignites a passion for learning and a lifelong enjoyment of doing so.


  • Your child would benefit from specialist academic support in EYFS/ Primary Subjects  

  • Your child requires specialist support to meet their SEN and/or SEMH needs

  • Your child needs a nurturing, sensitive, personalised, structured and fun approach to learning

  • You are Home Schooling (Elective Home Education/EHE) and would like a tutor to support

  • You would like an outstanding, professional, effective and adaptable tutor

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