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My Specialist Experience Teaching Children with Autism

To support children with Autism, I ensure that I use multi-sensory teaching techniques in a structured environment to help them achieve their targets. Depending on the child, I will often use a then/now/next visual timetable to ensure that they feel comfortable and have a sense of control of their time. I ensure that the way in which I teach meets the child’s needs and I link learning objectives to their interests to boost engagement and make the session as enjoyable as possible. I can break down and adapt tasks, support the understanding of instructions, help children to work to a time limit and incorporate structure to their learning, include ‘brain/movement breaks’, I can set challenges to help them meet their personal goals, support social communication and basic skills such as: turn taking, eye contact, greeting people, playing games and using appropriate language. I have a nurturing, gentle, patient and sensitive manner and I use this to create an environment that is conducive to learning whether it happens to be a ‘good day’ or a more ‘challenging day’ for them.

Autism Therapy
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