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Professional Reports on Jill's Practice

'...effective, enthusiastic and active in promoting new initiatives and monitoring the teaching and learning throughout the school... she is knowledgeable and shared a common purpose so that they are all consistently operating at an outstanding level'

From the Written Report by Inspectors from the Education Commission

'Jill has excellent communication skills. She helps children from all backgrounds and starting points to achieve their targets. She sees each child as an individual and uses a range of resources, teaching and learning strategies to support them and help them to reach their potential. Equally, she has an excellent rapport with parents and in her role of SENCO and Deputy she has supported parent meetings and in particular those with more challenging needs, giving guidance in a confident and reassuring manner.'

Senior Teacher, London

'Jill systematically and effectively checks learners’ understanding throughout lessons. She is able to anticipate where intervention may be needed, making the best use of lesson time. Her lessons are creative, interactive and engaging. She uses a multisensory approach and differentiates to ensure that all children’s needs are being met; making use of supportive practical resources, staff, Brain Breaks/Brain Gym, a range of engaging activities and activities that stretch, challenge and motivate pupils.

Jill accurately judges the effectiveness of her lessons and the impact on the groups of learners in the class and she is critically reflective in analysing, evaluating and improving her practice. She shows the highest levels of commitment and reliability. Her work is completed to an exceptional standard and she can be relied upon to support any child, staff member or parent with understanding, flexibility and a calm, professional manner.

Headteacher, London

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