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My Specialist Experience Teaching Children with Memory Difficulties

When working with children who have memory difficulties, I ensure that I give clear instructions (no more than one or two at a time) in a slow and calm manner, use visual timetables/instructions, give short tasks where I discuss how they will go about the task before they begin, link learning to relevant areas or ideas they are interested in, recap facts and allow for practise and repetition - this allows learning to become embedded. There are a vast range of strategies that can be used including mnemonics, rote practice exercises (repetition is key), hands on learning, active reading, acronyms, music/rhyming, lists, stories, games, links to real life experiences and visual representations (graphs, Venn diagrams etc.). No one strategy works for every child, so it is vital that I work closely with the parents, the child and the school to find what works best for them.

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